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The School Sucks PodClass: Education Evolution
Indoctrination + Regurgitation + Graduation ≠ An Education
Category: Education
Location: Newmarket, New Hampshire
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My name is Brett and I have worked in education for the last ten years, in a variety of capacities. I am currently the Vice Pre...

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March 23, 2015 03:06 PM PDT
Part Six in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions Jeffrey Tucker joins Brett, Carlos and a live audience for a discussion about McDonald's menu options, the intellectual challenge of Brittney Spears, eugenics, the Progressive era, the total state of the 20th century, the future of digital romance and relationships, Skoal, the distributed network, Yik Yak and fashion. Bio: Jeffrey Tucker is the founder and Chief Liberty Officer of, a distinguished fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education where he consults on technology and editorial matters, a research fellow of the Acton Institute, and the editor of Laissez Faire Books. He has authored five books, 150 introductions to books, and many thousands of articles. Look Closer: - -
March 20, 2015 07:03 AM PDT
Part Five in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions Kate and I sat down in fronty of a live audience following her presentation, Moving to the Free State with Children: A Discussion of Education Options in NH. Kate's Bio: Kate Baker is the Executive Director of the Network for Educational Opportunity, an education resource and networking organization and the first organization to implement the NH Education Tax Credit Scholarships. She was a teacher of the performing arts for almost a decade and is passionate about gifted education, charter schools and school choice. Kate is proud to serve on the Polaris Charter School Board of Trustees and has worked tirelessly, on behalf of NH children; starting schools, supporting home schoolers, teaching and empowering students and parents, and promoting options in education. She is a founder of The Greater Manchester Alliance for the Gifted, Scholars’ Academy, and the Academy for Science and Design Educational Foundation. Kate was honored to be recognized by the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire as a “40 Under Forty″, 40 of the state’s brightest young achievers, in 2013. Kate's Presentation At Liberty Forum Planning to move your family to NH and wondering what kind of education options are available? Is private or homeschooling a viable choice for you? Kate Baker of will host an interactive discussion about NEO scholarships, private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling in NH. Look Closer: The Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) -
March 18, 2015 08:03 AM PDT
Part Four in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions Darren and I discuss his presentation Challenging the Educational Monopoly. Darren's Bio: Dr. Darren Tapp has spent over a decade teaching various mathematical concepts at a handful of colleges. Darren is currently teaching at New Hampshire Technical Institute, and Southern New Hampshire University. Darren is the founder of Dr. Tapp’s mathematical playgrounds, which bring concepts of arithmetic, geometry, and combinatorics to young people. Darren is also co-host of Neocash Radio. Darren's Presentation At Liberty Forum After years of observing the results of public education Dr. Darren Tapp decided to provide alternatives to parents. This has lead to several activities that promote mathematical concepts. Darren will describe some pedagogical differences his playgrounds have compared to public education. Understand how free people will challenge the Educational Monopoly. Look Closer: Darren's Site -
March 16, 2015 02:56 PM PDT
Part Three in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions Davi Barker joins us to discuss his book Trilogy: Survivor Max. Davi's Bio: A lifelong connoisseur of the undead, Davi believes that art should imitate life, and if it can’t, art should at least eat life’s brain. Davi is the author of Survivor Max, the story of a young boy surviving the zombie apocalypse alone in New Hampshire. Davi's Presentation At Liberty Forum - The Undead Democracy Apocalypse Look Closer: - -
March 14, 2015 07:19 AM PDT
Part Two in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions Is it time to start creating a detailed, documented history of the Free State Project? Alex's Panel - Technology: A Force Multiplier for Activism New Hampshire Liberty Activists use social networks, databases and web applications to hit way above their weight class. Join the creators of some of this technology to talk about challenges, opportunities, and dreams. Bring your own ideas to change the world! This will be a panel discussion. Look Closer: Alex's Site: free State Chronicles - Free State Project - Free Keene - Hilarious Colbert Report Lampoons Free Keene -
March 11, 2015 10:35 PM PDT
Part One in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions (Photo Credit: Virgil Vaduva) Jody's Presentation: Public education is based on some flawed ideas: (1) Geographic location determines your opportunity to become educated. (2) Age determines what other students you are grouped with. (3) Taxes can be used only for government-run schools. (4) All children must get a “free” education. (5) Taxes are needed to pay for public schooling. I will argue that free and appropriate education needs to be changed to appropriate access to education – not daycare or medical support. I will present these and related ideas using general principles and my experiences as chair of the Croydon school board. I will propose some ideas for change, and make sure there is time to have audience participation in designing a paradigm shift for public schooling. Bring your ideas! Jody's Bio: Jody Underwood, Ph.D., is a founder and owner of Bardo Project and is one of the faces of Bardo Farm. She lives off the grid on a large property in New Hampshire with a varying number of people, depending on the season and the year, all learning back-to-basics skills. She moved to NH for the FSP in 2007 and is currently on the FSP board of directors. She focuses on K-12 education both professionally and as the chair of her local school board, which recently instituted school choice and included private schools as part of the choice (which is causing a stir in the state department of education). Her goal is to figure out ways to revolutionize education. Jody’s work history includes artificial intelligence research at NASA, Carnegie Mellon University, Rutgers University, and Princeton University, and education research and development at Vanderbilt University, the Math Forum, and Educational Testing Service. She earned her doctorate at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. She currently works for a small for-profit company in Maryland (telecommuting from NH half the time and working in the MD office half the time) designing and developing games and simulations for learning and assessment. Look Closer: Bardo Farm - Free State Project -
March 09, 2015 02:16 PM PDT
Jake Desyllas recently invited me on The Voluntary Life Podcast to discuss conformity. Topics covered include: -How conformity to "normal" spending habits prevents people achieving financial independence -Solomon Asch's conformity experiments and what we can learn from them -How conformity can alter your perception -The importance of allies in resisting conformity -The role of privacy in reducing conformity -The danger of conforming to a subculture (and still being a conformist) -How exposure to different views can increase your independence of thought Look Closer: Jake's Site: The Voluntary Life - Asch conformity experiments - Solomon Asch: Opinions and Social Pressure (1955) - Milgram experiment - Neurobiological Correlates of Social Conformity and Independence During Mental Rotation - Jake Desyllas on School Sucks Podcast -
March 04, 2015 03:06 PM PST
Kyle Davis of Meditation & Buddhism in Providence returns to continue our discussion about meditation. I have been practicing regularly for 4-5 months now and I have a few new questions and observations. Kyle originally appeared on episode #275:A Better State of Mind: Introduction to Meditation A review of the basics and what we covered last time: -it is an active process -trying to strengthen the mind -contemplation - bringing in an idea or feeling -the placement -holding it there -It's a practice, it takes work and time, feel clumsy -posture, body as an antenna, be comfortable and alert, straight back -have the body in a way that it can stay still, legs crossed -rest eyes with a little light coming in -first thing in the morning is ideal, but other times are okay -breathing: just through the nose start to notice the breathing in nostrils, analyze, try to find the sensation of air touching nostrils focus just on that sensation notice a distraction? acknowledge and move the mind back to the sensation -length, set a realistic goal and follow through My Progress: -what I have practiced so far, înapanasati -some questions/concerns: Half lotus feels unnatural, what about music? -Beginning Mindfulness Meditation, Shamata -placement meditation -how does meditation change the brain? Buddhism/Philosophy: -Buddha's view of happiness -define "positive states of mind" -Are you familiar with Stoicism? -is acceptance without assertiveness dangerous? -Vipassana: impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and non-self Look Closer: Meditation & Buddhism in Providence: Mindfulness for Busy People - Your Brain on Meditation - Samatha and Vipassana -

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March 01, 2015 05:46 AM PST
This a 55-minute selection from a conversation with Nick Hazelton of Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast. He invited me on his show to discuss all of the topics you saw in the title. Nick is a sixteen-year-old aspiring yak herder who has spent the last year learning his way out of schooling. He also appears on The Freedom Feens radio show. I interviewed him on Episode 300 of School Sucks Podcast, Dropping Out and Nihilism. We first met Nick in April of 2014. Look Closer: Polycentric law - Nihilism - Polycentric Law, by Tom W. Bell - The Feasibility of Privately Produced Law - Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast -
February 25, 2015 12:54 PM PST
Derrick J. returns to discuss an email he recently sent to his two 7th grade sisters about leaving school. It has been two weeks and he is still waiting for a reply. His father, a former principal, asked him not to discuss it with them any more. What would you do? How would you follow up? The email was inspired by this video from BoyInABand: Read his article here: Don’t Stay in School. Look Closer: Derrick's Site: - Freedom Feens - Free Talk Live - Flaming Freedom - Derrick On School Sucks -
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